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Who am I?

My name is Ernie Beckett, and I've been welding cars and other motors since I left the Navy back in 1978. I worked at the Rover plant in Longbridge, Birmingham as a welder for two decades, but just before the company started having trouble, I saw my opportunity to get out. I took voluntary redundancy and used the money to set up my own small welding business.

What makes my welding service different?

I'm a welder (not a mechanic), so you can bring your welding job to me with complete confidence that I won't be talking you into extra mechanical work you might not need.

I aim to keep my prices competitive, compared with what garages would charge you. I recommend that you get a quote from a garage first, so you can see how much I can save you.

Most important of all, I know how to make a decent cup of tea, which I'll make for you when you bring your motor over.

What next?

Please call me on 07811 628901 between 9am and 5pm on Monday to Saturday. If I don't answer, I may be under a vehicle, so please leave a message and I guarantee to get back to you as soon as I can. (If you don't leave a message I won't call back, because I get a lot of timewasting calls.)

Please don't call after 5pm on Monday to Saturday or all day on Sunday, as this my family time.

We'll agree on a time for you to bring your car down, so I can give you a free quote. The quote is the price you pay - nothing more. (Obviously if you want more work doing, it will cost you more.)

When you decide you want me to do the job, we'll agree on a time for you to drop your motor off so I can work on it. Even if it takes me a bit longer, you won't pay any more.


My address is 37 Ivyhouse Road, Kings Norton, Birmingham, B38 8JL.

However, please call me first to arrange a quote or before bringing your vehicle for welding, so I can anticipate your visit.

You can use Streetmap to find my address.

You can get to me easily from the M42 motorway...

From the M42, get off at Junction 2 (Hopwood Park). Follow the A441 towards Birmingham (not Redditch). You'll go over a couple of islands (still heading towards Birmingham), and at the third island is a pub called the Man on the Moon - turn left into Redhill Road. Ivyhouse Road is the second road on the right.

You can also get to me from the M5 motorway...

From the M5, get off at Junction 4 (Lydiate Ash Island). Follow the A38 towards Birmingham (not Bromsgrove). Continue on the A38 through Rubery, until you get to an island where you can only go left or right.

Take a left, and then get in the right-hand lane and take a right into Longbridge Lane. You will pass Longbridge train station and over a couple more islands, until once again you can only go left or right. Take a left, which is the A441 towards Birmingham.

At the next island, there is a pub called the Man on the Moon - turn left into Redhill Road. Ivyhouse Road is the second road on the right.

If you are coming through Birmingham City Centre...

Important: There is a Clean Air Zone in operation in the City Centre, within the Birmingham Ring Road (A4540), with a charge for entering.

The Birmingham Ring Road (A4540) surrounds the city centre, with each exit numbered. You want the A441 towards Redditch, but for some reason this road doesn't have an exit number. Follow the Ring Road until you get close to exit number 3. As soon as you see the A441 to Redditch signposted, follow it and get yourself on it.

Follow the A441 for about 7 miles, through Stirchley and Cotteridge. When you see signs for Kings Norton, you're close. Continue on the A441 until you come to an island with the Man on the Moon pub. Take a right into Redhill Road. Ivyhouse Road is the second road on the right.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can you give me a quote over the phone or by email?

No, because I need to see the job first. However, give me a call and arrange to pop down and see me, and I can give you a quote.

Q. I can't bring my motor down to you. Could you come to me?

Normally you'd need to bring your car down to me, just as you would do with a garage. However, in some circumstances (i.e. with narrowboats) I'm prepared to travel to you. There will be a callout fee.

Q. What happens if I don't like your quote?

Simply thank me for the quote, and drive your car away as you would do with a garage.

Q. Do you weld other things, like narrowboats and gates?


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